Journal Club Signup

The ANZPATH Executive is pleased to announce the formation of the Journal Club.
This initiative was suggested by our member Eugene Priscott and will be administered and moderated by him.

New members will be asked if they want to join the club during the signup process. 
Renewing members will be asked if they want to sign up during the renewal process.
Existing members will be able to go into the Members section of the website at any stage and either
sign up or remove themselves from the club.

When a new journal is published for discussion, a new entry will be created in the CMS that
provides a brief overview about the journal and a link to view it (as a PDF). Below this will be a
comments section where members will be able to participate in a discussion about the journal.

Members will be alerted by email when a new journal is published.
The email will contain the same "overview" found on the journal's entry page and a link to the journal page where they can view it online as well.
Users can then click through to discuss the journal online.

Members can submit suggestions for articles to be discussed.

These should be submitted to Eugene at

NOTE: Although the signup facility is now functional, the journal club itself is not yet operational.