This event has now concluded, successfully bringing together 175 clinicians and members of the sex and gender diverse community.

In the largest conference of its type in Australia, if not the southern hemisphere, a significant number of tasks were achieved.

Clinical and Community presentations were at the highest level and the relationship between the Service Providers and the Community was greatly enhanced.

Many comments were along the lines of "this is probably the safest space I've been in" including from people who were appearing in their chosen gender for the first time.

There was a Community "quiet" room available, but it was never used. 

The conference attracted considerable press, including national radio, the 7:30 Report, the ABC News and 4 Corners.

The Community met in the only closed session of the conference and determined to explore the formation of a National Trans* body to represent the health, rights and well-being of the Trans* community. To begin that process about 17 volunteer stewards nominated to guide the process and to invite all members of the national Community to join.

ANZPATH also voted to change their constitution to create an Associate Membership. The legal process to effect this will take about a month.

The conference concluded with four very immportant motions from the floor.

  1. That the Governments of the States and Territories of Australia and New Zealand provide publicly funded, evidence based quality health care to the Trans* community.
  2. That the Australian Federal Government immediately address the issue of cross sex hormone therapy for young Trans* people without recourse to applications to the Family Court.
  3. That the Governments of the States and Territories of Australia address the need to access quality Trans* health care for those Australians living in rural and remote areas.
  4. That the Federal, State and Territory Governments develop unifying laws that address the human rights of all Trans* identified Australians.