The ANZPATH Research Sub-Committee is established in line with one of the five aims of the organisation:

to encourage, promote and share research in the fields of the health, rights and well-being of people who experience difference in sexual formation and/or gender expression.

Terms of Reference

  • To facilitate networking amongst ANZPATH members with research interests, to support the development of high level evidence to underpin clinical practice
  • To maximise research in the transgender field in Australia by encouraging members to promote participation in research to their clients
  • To collect and, with consent, promote ANZPATH members’ research, presentations and publications relating to the transgender field
  • To provide an annual summary of recently published and in-progress Australian research in the transgender field (based on ANZPATH member contributions).

The Research Sub-Committee is not constituted as a Human Ethics Committee and will not provide ethics approval to researchers.


The Research Sub-Committee will consist of a minimum of three general members of ANZPATH and a maximum of seven.

Sub-Committee members should, where possible, hold different professional backgrounds to maximise awareness of and familiarity with current research in different disciplines.

Members are appointed by the ANZPATH Executive. Members can resign from the Research Sub-Committee at any time in writing to the Chair.

Meeting Frequency

The Research Sub-Committee will meet at least twice per year (in person or via Skype). Email and phone contact will occur in between meetings according to need.


The Research Sub-Committee will produce and circulate to the membership, an annual summary of Australian-based research, publications and key presentations.

Duration & Review

The Research Sub-Committee will exist for two years (beginning 2013); and will be reviewed in April 2015.